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Mutant Transmissions Festival 2 - NYC (get involved)

Mutant Transmissions Festival 2 - NYC (get involved
April 5 and 6 , 2009. All Ages NYC

First ever Mutant Transmissions Festival Took place in LA in 2008 and showcased an array of the moist crazy, innovative and exciting bands.
Next Mutant Transmissions Festival is Set to take place in NYC and this time the spotlight is on the East Coast bands. We of course will have a few very special guests from all over with full details coming to you soon.

How can you be part of this project? Mutant Transmissions Festival is a DIY, weirdo music, oddball community project so we definitely want people to get involved with props, art work, operation and so forth. If you think you know who the most interesting and weird bands are we want to hear from you now!

Bands that feel that they are fit to play MT should also contact us without delay

If you have plans to visit NY this might be the right time to do it. If you are in NYC well, its easy for you then isn't it. We have loads of time to make this crazy good, so the countdown is on people

To be involved email us at mutant mutanttransmissions at gmail dot com

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