"I think cumpig gives homosexuals a bad name." (cumpig) wrote in synthpunk,
"I think cumpig gives homosexuals a bad name."

UNITS REISSUE! (old news?)

there's a reissue in the works for san francisco synthpunk pioneers the units. this myspace claims that it is due out sometime in spring of 2008, but since that time has come and gone your guess is as good as mine as to when it will actually be released. things we do know about the album are that it will be a cd with 21 songs and a 32 page booklet of units history and philosophy. you can view scans of the booklet on the myspace. "contemporary emotions" is a confirmed track, and one that i hadn't heard before. i assume that if it hasn't made its way onto the internet yet, it is pretty rare.

the album is due out on community library, so keep your eyes peeled! also, check out a units interview while you wait.

also, i just read about damian ramsey's death. apparently i missed the earlier post. how depressing. he single handedly saved my taste in music. i owe him so much. RIP.
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